Mike's Reloading Bench
Dedicated to making the Lee Load Master a better press one part at a time.
Mike's Reloading Bench is not afilliated with Lee Precision.
More items coming so stop back often.
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My Mission

I've put this website together to share what I have discovered over the last few years while using the Lee Load Master progressive reloading press. The Load Master is a great value however there are some things that could use a little help. I have done a lot of tinkering with the Load Master and have come up with a few ideas on how to improve the quality of the reloaded rounds I produce and also lower my frustration level a few notches.
I would like to say at the outset that it is a fact that some of us are more mechanically inclined than others and that I do believe that the more mechanically inclined you are the better your chances are of getting along with Mr. Lee's flagship press. That's just how it is. So having said that I will try to present as best I can the reasons for the mods I describe on this site.

Yours Truly
My pal, Ron. Best friend a guy ever had.

What's under my hat. Some of the things me and my buddy Ron are up to.
Shooting, reloading and politics.
New Custom Billet Turrets.
for your LM

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January 4, 2017
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