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I have offered a modification for the Load Master priming system for the last several years which many of you have taken advantage of. Over the last year or so Lee has made some minor improvements to the LM priming system which has improved its function and reliability. Because of this I have decided to discontinue offering the primer system mods. I will however still provide replacement sliders for those of you who wish to continue using my ARS system on your press.
I plan to expand the information contained in my Load Master Survival Guide to include how to modify the carrier so that the resting height of the primer pin can be adjusted. I will also include some tips on how to "tune" the indexing lugs on the new style shellplates to prevent binding during indexing.

The new MRB Annealer is selling like crazy and keeps me very busy ordering parts and assembling the machines. I would like to thank everyone who has purchased one of the machines and I hope that they are performing well for you.

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