Mike's Reloading Bench
Ever put a handfull of brass into your collator, shake it around and end up with one or more of the cases upside down? Seems like no matter how careful I am putting the cases in the collator it always happens at least once. There are a few mods out there that show different methods used to reduce the size of the holes to prevent small cases from going in the tubes upside down and they all work but they don't prevent a case from getting accidently dropped directly into one of the holes while filling the collator. The pictures below show a solution I came up with to stop that from happening. The disk is made from a piece of sheet plastic (Kydex) I had on hand. It is about 2" in diameter and has a 1/4" X 2" carrage bolt inserted in the center of it. The bolt allows one to raise or lower the disk to compensate for different length cases as it screws perfectly into the center hole in the collator. Those of you who are using the "penny" or "washer" mod to reduce the size of the holes will have to go to the bushing method shown in the pictures. The bushings are made of 1/2" lengths of 1/2" ID clear vinyl tubing. Its OD is a perfect light press fit into the holes. Install the disk and pour the brass directly on top of it and it will deflect the cases away from the holes and prevent any of them from entering the tubes upside down.

Try it. You'll like it!
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