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A lot of water has gone under the bridge over the last couple of years since I first started this blog. Ron and I have learned a lot during this time and we are now a little more equipped to separate the facts from the BS.
One of the things we have learned is that simple is good. As long as you have simple quality tools you can produce high quality results.

Here are some of the things we have learned;

Use Lapua brass if you can afford it. There just isn't anything better.
Sorting your brass by volume is the best way to insure uniformity.
Wilson bullet seating dies are awesome.
Redding body dies and neck bushing dies are great.
Little Crow WFT case trimmers are the cats meow.
Primer pocket and flash hole uniforming is worth the effort.
Annealing your brass is definately worth the time and expense.
Measuring, weighing and sorting bullets is worth the effort.
Measuring every powder charge is mandatory.
Keeping detailed records is priceless.
Uniformity is king!

Anything you can do to make one round equal to the next is a step in the right direction. Measuring case capacity is tedious but it is the only way you can truly match cases. Weighing the cases is the next best way. Measure and weigh your bullets. Sort by weight then ogive to base length. Sorting by length will result in the bullet bases being inserted into the case equally across the group of rounds you are loading. Sorting by weight will effect pressure change. Turning case necks simply to uniform the wall thickness further improves round-to-round equality. Doing anything you can to control the neck tension on the bullet will also help. The bottom line here is that we are dealing with pressure and anything that would cause a change in that pressure, up or down will result in the bullet either striking the target higher or lower than the intended point of impact. It is really that simple and the great thing is, is that you have total control over all of it.

The way I see it is if you are really serious about printing the best targets you can you need to do what ever is in your power to do so. If you have done all you can then there is no reason to feel down about a target that is less than what you had hoped it would be. You can't control the wind, mirage or the temperture, gravity or a dozen other things but you can control what you send out into that world of variables so why not do it.

Pictured below are some of the tools we have chosen to use. If you want to make the best ammo you can this is some of what it takes to get it done.
Mike's Reloading Bench is not afilliated with Lee Precision.
More coming so stop back often.
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Updated 4-14-16
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