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Sometimes in life you stumble across these little out-of-the-way places that have been around forever but somehow you never knew it. Such is the case with a great little store located on the square in old downtown Mesquite Texas. It is a family owned store and the man behind the counter has tons of reloading experience which he is more than happy to share with you if he has the time. He also has some very interesting stories to tell while things are slow. If you get the chance and you are cruising the east side of the Dallas Metroplex area stop in and check it out. If it has to do with bullets, primers and powder they pretty much have it all along with a good selection of RCBS reloading equipment.
Mike's Reloading Bench is not afilliated with Lee Precision.
More coming so stop back often.
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Southwest Ammunition and Supply Co.
206 W Davis St.
Mesquite, Tx 75149

Wed-Fri: 10am-6pm, Sat: 10am-3pm

Exit off 635E at Military Pkwy. Go East 1.5 miles. It's on the right facing the old square.
Indoor shooting range
Southwest Ammunition and Supply Co.
Looking for a great place to hone your shooting skills? Maybe thinking about getting your Texas CHL? How about some private instruction? Or perhaps you are looking for your next firearm. Target Master in Garland, Texas can provide all these things and more. Good people, a great selection of new and previously owned firearms and instructors who take their job and your safety very seriously. Check'em out next time you are in the Dallas area.
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I have done many things in my life and one of those things was building guitars. Because of it I was blessed with the good fortune of meeting Darryl O'Donnell and his son Klinton. Darryl commissioned me to build him a guitar and because of that we have become good friends over the years which has allowed me to watch his son Klinton grow into a phenomenal keyboard player and singer. It is very heart warming to see a father and son work so closely together. Believe me when I tell you that these are two of the nicest and most humble folks you will ever meet in the music industry and I am proud to call them my friends. Both are gifted with great musical ability and a passion to please their audiences and fans. Living on acreages outside of Nashville allows them both to enjoy the shooting sports when time allows. I know I will never be able to play and sing like Darryl or Klinton but I'll bet I can give them a run for the money punching holes in paper!

If you enjoy good country music played and sung by a couple of fine upstanding patriotic guys I urge you to visit their website and purchase a couple of their CDs. You won't be dissappointed.
This is a GREAT CD!