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Introducing the new MRB Case Annealer
I believe you will find the new MRB Case Annealer a welcome addition to your loading bench and to your quest to produce the most consistent hand loads possible. Annealing your brass on a regular basis will not only extend its life considerably but will also help in preventing vertical stringing of your groups due to inconsistent neck tension.


1. The case and other sheetmetal components are constructed of 16ga (0.059") brushed stainless steel laser cut and CNC formed.
2. The footprint is 11" tall by 10" wide by 6" deep. Four rubber feet provide table top protection and non-slip grip.
3. The case is fully vented in the rear and totally encloses all the electronics.
4. Rollers are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. Lower roller employs high temperature resistant silicon O-rings.
5. Feed roller speed is controlled with a PWM speed controller. No loss of torque regardless of speed. Lower roller is fixed speed.
6. Input power is supplied via a 6' long, 115 VAC three prong power cord with strain relief at cabinet entry point.
7. Motor power is provided by a high quality, adjustable output, switching power supply.
8. Unit will operate on 85-264 VAC.
9. Speed adjustment knob is marked in .2 increments for precise, repeatable settings.
10. Unit is overload, over voltage and short circuit protected.
11. Easily adjusted torch bracket provides solid torch mounting and adjustment.
12. Heavy duty on/off toggle switch.
13. All controls are mounted on the "cold side" of the machine away from the torch flame.
14. The case "gate" is magnetically operated. No switches or relays to go bad.
15. The unit will handle rimmed and belted cases.
16. The machine comes with everything required to anneal a large range of case sizes. No roller changes are required.
17. Magazine capacity is approximately fifty 338's, one hundred 308's, or one hundred fifty 223 size cases.
18. A detailed owners manual is provided explaining the use of the provided accessories.
19. Approximate weight is 9 pounds.
20. Accessories include: Lower roller extension disc, Feed roller notch shims, Short case ramp and Catch pan.
Price, $399.95
Free shipping in continental US. May not be combined with other items.

TX residents pay 8.25% sales tax.
I assemble and test each of these machines myself. When they leave my shop they are in perfect working order. There are only three items in the machine that have the potential to fail.
They are;
  1. Gearmotors
  2. Motor Speed Controller
  3. Power Supply
If you have a failure of any of these three items please send the item in question to me and I will test it. If the part proves to be faulty I will replace it at no cost to you. You will be responsible only for the shipping charges to return the part to me for evaluation.
Damage caused by improper use, physical abuse, acts of nature or alteration are your responsibility.
  Torch is not included with machine.
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Shown with all accessories installed.
Please note:
I cannot ship to a PO Box. I MUST have a physical (street) address in order to ship.