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Updated 1/23/2019
Just a quick note to announce I have made a change to the lower roller of the annealer by adding a fourth silicon O-ring to it which will provide a little more tractiv surface area for the cases.  I haven't had any complaints but I figured it couldn't hurt so why not.  I also moved the radial location of the feed roller magnet by two degrees to allow the Delrin inserts to be drilled on center instead of slightly offset to one side.  I also changed the thread pitch for the Extension Disc attachment screw from 24TPI to 32TPI.  This was done to reduce the number of different fasteners I have to stock to assemble the machines.  The Extension Disc now shares the same fastener as the Short Case Ramp.  Simple is good.
International shipping.

I DO NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY.  Being a very small company I do not get any special shipping deals which makes international shipping ridiculously expensive and also very time consuming for me having to deal with the customs forms and other formalities so I choose not to do it.