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Primer SystemTalk

Much has been written about the Load Master primer system. Some claim to have little trouble with it and some have nothing but trouble with it to the point where they give up and sell the press out of pure frustration. This is a sad thing. From what I have read and heard it appears that the original system was the least troublesome. I personally never owned an early system so I cannot claim to have any experience with it one way or the other. All I can go on is what I have heard or seen others say. My understanding is that the slider in the early system captured the primer in a much more robust manner than the new slider does. In doing this the slider was put in harms way if for any reason the press was short stroked. The primer pin would pinch the slider and mangle it beyond use. Lee, being the benevolent folks they are, would send anyone a new slider who contacted them and reported that their slider had met with an untimely death. OK, what to do about that say the folks at Lee? Hum, lets redesign the slider so that if the press gets short cycled the primer pin can't pinch the slider and we won't have to be handing out free sliders and whatever else got destroyed in the mishap. While we're at it lets change the color of some of the trough parts and add some mysterious letters, holes and such so everyone has something to talk about and life will be good. And so it was written and so it was done and now here we are with a new and improved slider that doesn't get pinched by the primer pin anymore. Unfortunately for some we still have priming problems. No pinched sliders, but problems none-the-less.

OK, what exactly the hell is going on here? In my view there are a few things either alone or in concert with the others that will bring hurt to your fox hole. Some have an effect on a sucessfully installed primer and others prevent the sucsessful installation of the primer. Listed below are the things I have discovered that have caused me the most grief with the LM priming system. Some are direct self inflicted screw ups and some are directly attributable to the machine's design or operator setup.