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Primer SystemTalk Continued

Self Inflicted Screw Ups

1. Crimped primer pockets. There is nothing to say about this other than shame on you! You must inspect every piece of brass you are going to reload, period! If you don't, you are just an accident waiting to happen. There is absolutely nothing else to say about this!

2. Mixed primer pocket size. See #1. Enough said!

3. Running out of primers. Duh! Pay attention, focus on what you are doing and if you become distracted stop and do not resume until the distraction has been eliminated. Check everything first and then resume.

4. Verify your setup. Take a minute to cycle the press a few times without any cases in it. See if the primers are being delivered properly to the priming pin. So what if you have to put a few primers back into the tray the next time you add primers. It's better than smashing them or loosing them down the press ram.

5. Housekeeping. Keep your press clean! If you decap and size on your press you know how quickly it can get dirty. Debris from spent primers and spilled powder will find its way into the primer system of your press and if not cleaned on a regular basis it will cause you grief. Better yet, do all your case prep off the LM and avoid the dirt alltogether.