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  OK friends and neighbors, here we go again with another try at putting something together that hopefully will shoot lights out in either caliber configuration I set it up in.  The plan is to purchase a Savage 12 Benchrest in 6mmBR as a base rifle and to have a 28-30" 260 Rem barrel made for it with a long chamber so I can spend time out in the 1,000-1,500 yard playground and have a good chance of actually scoring some hits.  I have also been researching the 260 AI but for me I don't think the juice would be worth the squeeze.  Of course this all depends on how bad my cataracts are by the time I get this all done and also how long it will take me to recover from the full frontal assualt of the war department upon her discovery of yet another toy in the safe.  Bless her heart.
  I have decided to go the Savage route simply because of economics.  I am not a competitive shooter and at this stage in my life I cannot justify the cost of a full custom rifle.  I also like to do things myself and if I had a nice lathe and mill I would do my own work as I did in the past when I did have these pieces of equipment in my shop but that's another story.  The ability to change calibers in less than fifteen minutes really appeals to me.  Also, being able to purchase a quality, hand lapped pre-fit barrel for around $370.00 is very appealing.  The biggest complaints I hear about the Savage rifles is the absence of after market target triggers comparable to Jewel or Bix & Andy and the heavy bolt lift due to the rifle cocking on opening the bolt.  Both of these items are of no consequence to me as I am completely content with a twelve ounce trigger and not being able to cycle the bolt without the rifle moving slightly in the bags is not a problem either.  I also like the idea of a floating bolt head.  The dual port action is nice also.  With a few minor mods to the bolt and some elbow grease the action can be made to run smoothly enough to make me quite happy.  My plan is to build the rifle first as a 260 thus saving the factory 6 mm barrel for sale at a later date at which time I will have a new 6 mm match grade barrel made.  I am very excited about building this rifle and if it all comes together as I hope it will I should have two bug holers for around $1,800.00 or so sans optics.
  Speaking of optics, I am leaning toward a Sightron III this go round.  Either the 8x32 or the 10x50.  I have a Vortex 5x25 PST on my .308 and I like it fine but I really want to try the Sightron plus I'm looking for a little more magnification.  My buddy Ron has a 10x50 on his 260 Savage and he really likes it.  So, we'll see how it all goes and make a decision a little later on down the road.
  Because I am a reloader I have chosen the 260 Rem over the 6.5 Creedmoor.  I will be able to work up really good loads for it especially since many of the bullet manufactures are now making some very good bullets and companies like Alpha Munitions are making outstanding brass for the 260 in either large or small primer versions.  Besides, the Creedmoor wagon is getting very crowded and I don't like crowds.  I'm old ya know.
  OK, that's all for now but please come back often as I'll post more as things begin to come together.

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