Shake Brake

Even though I have my Load Master press mounted on what I believe would be a typical loading bench, I still encountered more flexing of the bench and shaking of the press than I liked. Due to the design of the press and its mounting system it doesn't distribute the forces applied to the handle during operation to the bench top very well. If one was to imagine a line drawn from left to right through the two forward mounting holes in the frame it becomes pretty clear that any downward force applied to the handle of the press is going to cause the frame of the press to try and rotate around that line. If your bench has a very thick top you may not experience much shaking of the press but if it is made of thinner material it will flex and your press will shake.

To reduce the shaking I was experiencing with my press I came up with the "Shake Brake". The plate is made of laser cut 10 gauge (0.135" thick) cold rolled steel, tumbled and then bright zinc plated to protect from rust. It comes with the required mounting hardware so you can attach it to your press after drilling two 1/4" diameter holes through the frame using the plate as a drill guide. ( If you have a problem with drilling these holes in your press then this mod is not for you. It will not effect the strength of the frame in any way.)

The stiff leg I used is a telescoping pickup truck cargo bar I purchased at a local discount tool store. If you cannot find one a simple piece of EMT conduit will work just fine. Cut it to length, drill a hole in one end and put a rubber crutch tip on the other and you're good to go. You can adjust the amount of preload by simply adding or removing some cut washers placed in the crutch tip or by placing shims between the tip and the floor. The idea is to preload the front of the press in an upward direction to counter the downward pressure applied by pushing down on the press handle. You won't believe how solid your press will feel after installing this item.

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