The Turret Stabilizer is designed to completely stop any vertical movement or rocking of the turret and keep the turret lock screw from coming loose. If the turret is not held in a tightly locked state it becomes impossible to hold a consistent COAL (cartridge over all length) measurement. The turret movement can be easily stopped WITHOUT ANY MODIFICATIONS TO YOUR PRESS by simply using this plate.

The Turret Stabilizer plate is made of 13 gauge (.090") cold rolled steel and is clear zinc plated to inhibit rust. There are five 10-32 x 3/16" long set screws in the plate used as "jack screws" to provide the force required to raise the turret snugly up against the locking lugs in the press frame. The Turret Stabilizer is HELD IN PLACE BY THE DIE LOCK NUTS and nothing else. Using the Stabilizer along with balanced die contact on the shellplate to stop the carrier and shellplate from flexing will result in much more consistent COAL dimensions even when the shell plate is not fully loaded.

Another benefit of the Turret Stabilizer is that you can use it as a way to properly "clock" your turret so that the turret and the shellplate are in perfect alignment. I have had a few turrets in my shop that when installed in the press and locked into position with the turret lock screw, were out of alignment with the cases in the shellplate by 1/16 of an inch. There is NO adjustment on the LM that you can make to remedy this other than rotating the turret so it aligns properly with the shellplate. With the Turret Stabilizer installed, you can leave the turret lock screw loose and rotate the turret into proper alignment and then tighten the five setscrews and the problem is solved. You can leave the turret lock screw laying on the table because at this point it is useless.

The Turret Stabilizer won't solve COAL problems completely but it is a great addition to your press and a big step toward producing higher quality rounds simply because it gives you more control over your LM press.

Turret Stabilizer

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