I have had many stock turrets come through my shop and frankly none of them have been what I would call great. They are porous and the machine work leaves much to be desired, especially the threaded holes for the dies. I have also had some that regardless of what I did I could not get them to align radially with the shellplate even though they showed no signs of incorrect machining according to Lee's criteria as regards quality control. This is what has led me to having precision machined turrets made. They are not simply "billet bling" for your press. They are a MAJOR step forward in helping you produce quality ammunition.

I have these turrets manufactured in an aircraft certified shop from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. They are produced on state of the art CNC machining centers (go to "Videos" page to see them being made) to exacting tolerances. They are a direct replacement for the stock Lee turret. Unlike a casting, these machined turrets start life as a solid disc of aluminum free from any impurities or porosity. Every hole is precisely located in relation to one another and to the turret lock screw to insure exact alignment of the dies with the shellplate in all respects. The five 7/8-14 threaded holes are milled using a precision thread milling cutter instead of being tapped with a conventional tap. This results in finished threads that can be held to very close tolerances insuring exact positioning of the dies. Also included are five equally spaced 1/4-20 tapped holes fitted with 1-1/4" long set screws which become positive stops for the shellplate to contact at the top of every stroke eliminating any flexing or tilting of the shellplate due to uneven loading. This is the key to maintaining very close COAL measurements. Every surface on the turret is fully machined to provide a perfect fit in your press.

These turrets are not inexpensive to manufacture, however, if you are dealing with tilted dies, case alignment problems or wandering COAL measurements these turrets will bring a whole new level of precision to your Load Master press.

Billet Turret

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