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It's been a while since I last had time to scribble my thoughts down for your review so here we go.  Each morning my dear wife and I arise and whichever of us gets up first makes the coffee and tends to Gabby our resident feline fur ball.  Following that we stumble into the living room, assume our respective positions on the great curved leather sectional and smash the "ON" button on the TV remote and prepare to subject ourselves  to another morning of "shock and awe".  We are both getting to the point where nothing really surprises us anymore and frankly that is scary in itself.  Everyday another round of shear lunacy gets piled on the heap left from the day before.  I am convinced that there are very few elected people in DC that give a damn about anything other than themselves.  More and more of our large cities are turning into lawless sanctuaries for deadbeats and illegal border jumpers who have more legal protection than the law abiding citizens of this country thanks to the likes of people like Soros and his army of socialist puppets. Our borders are wide open, our colleges are full of Marxist professors,  our speech is being censored and we have sold our souls to China for the sake of a buck.  If you walked into a Walmart or Target store and said make everything in here that's made in some other country besides ours disappear you could probably put what's left in a handful of shopping carts provided they weren't made somewhere else.  You'd most likely be doing it in the dark as it's a good bet the high bay lights were made in China too. 
Yes, I find it very disheartening that when I need tooling for my lathe or mill the vast majority of it is imported and when I do find something made here it is at a minimum twice as expensive as the import stuff.  We have really gotten ourselves in a mess.  It seems the majority of our youth these days want to live the good life but they either don't want to do the work to earn it or they simply don't know how or what they need to do thanks to the sorry excuse of the K-12 "education" they receive in our public shcools.  They graduate high school sadly lacking the basic ability to fill out a job application, solve a basic math problem, count back change without a calculator or have any idea who the President, Secretary of State, their Congressman or Senator is let alone what they do or how they do it.  The Constitution is just something a bunch of old guys wrote and the Bill of Rights is.............uh, like I don't have any idea bro.  Is it like somthin' ya gotta pay?  Hey, why worry about it, it's all racist, capitalistic white supremacy bullshit anyway.  Now do you see why we are in the position we are in? 
By the grace of God, our oldest daughter and her husband made the decision to send our only grandchild to private school.  They both work very hard at their jobs in the medical field and did all they could to see that our grandson got a solid grade school education.  Because of their hard work, support and guidance and our grandson's hard work in school, when it came time for him to look at going to college he had his choice of where he wanted to go.  He chose the University of Arkansas and four years later he graduated debt free with a degree in Biomedical Engineering.  He has been employed for over a year now by one of largest, if not the largest medical testing laboratories in the country.  He worked his way through all four years of his college education and now he is enjoying the fruits of his labor.  He is a great young man and my wife and I are very proud of him and his parents for doing it right.  So you see, it's all right in front of us as parents and as young people but you have to work for it.  You have to make good choices, stand your ground and move forward.  There are no free lunches, and if someone is trying to give you one you will find out it either tastes very bad or it will make you sick after you eat it. 
Bon  Appetite
PS  If you think what I'm saying here is in any way questionable, I suggest you go purchase a copy of Mark Levin's book "American Marxism" and read it.  There are over four hundred footnotes in that book so believe me he has backed up everything in it with FACTS.  It will change the way you see what is going on in our country.